March 23, 2018

Faith and Fake News: Facing The Facts

Think before you click. Think more before you get upset. Think even more before you buy into the emotional hook of a fake story. And think best before you share because it is not your name you embarrass, it is the credibility of those bearing the Gospel that is a stake. Don’t be duped into doing the devil’s deeds.
April 3, 2018

Christianity’s Struggle with Authority -Guest Blog Daniel Royo

This blog post highlights the history of the struggle, with a particular emphasis on developments of the last 2000 years. Despite our human tendencies, God proposes self-governance, not centralized power, as His preferred solution to sin-induced chaos.
April 11, 2018

An Interview With Award Winning Indie Author: Sarah Monzon

Sarah Monzon is a Navy chaplain's wife and a stay at home mom. Her debut novel, The Isaac Project, skyrocketed to Amazon bestseller status while her Sophomore book, Finders Keepers, won the 2017 SELAH award!
April 22, 2018


The authority in true cults is not given to a broad base of leaders, but is almost always centered on a central, hierarchical figure who rules, reinterprets truth, and hands out lavish rewards to the “Faithful” and harsh rebuke and punishment of dissenting and independent thinkers.
May 10, 2018

The Christian Who Cried Wolf

Why do Christians in the west think they are currently being persecuted? Listen up, Church! The Wolf really is coming! The wolf is real and no joke! We all know the story of the boy who cried wolf.
May 23, 2018

It’s A Beautiful Day

I want to be a good parent. What makes me “hover” like that. Ugh, am I going to become one of those annoying parents that can’t let go or have excessive boundary issues? No, I know why I do it...
June 26, 2018

The Thirteen: One Crisis

We all must, as Bible-believing, liberty-loving Christians, stand up and demand that the Government get out of our pulpit, out of our Bible, and out of the business of justifying political policy with subjective interpretations of our Bible! We must not forsake our liberty of religious freedom, by handing over our religious understanding to the State to use, even if with good intentions, lest we find that Caesar is the only version of God we have left!
July 11, 2018

Simply Faith–not Simple Faith

God can’t be alive in dead things like history, manuscripts, and archeological relics if He is not alive and kicking in the love and compassion of Believers. There is more substance of evidence in the life of an addict who finds sobriety in Christ, than in finding the foundation of an ancient wall in Jericho.
August 8, 2018

Set Your Phone To “On” At My Church

We understand that people are not sitting in our pews watching Netflix, playing games, or visiting naughty sites. We understand you know how to silence your phone. We understand it is very likely your Bible, Hymnal, and primary way to communicate with others, during the service, in a way that will not disrupt others sitting around you.

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