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Pastor Vinnie is one of my go to sources in the Adventist Church for the theology of salvation. Not just because he’s read most of it, but because he’s lived most of it and come out the other side with his faith firmly grounded on the work of Jesus Christ. He has a passion for the truth and a love of people in equal measure, you you can see it in the fruits of his ministry.  (David Hamstra -Phd student/ pastor)

Vinnie MacIsaac is a person whose opinion I value greatly. His candor and outspokenness on spiritual and worldly issues are very refreshing in this day and age, yet some might say that his biggest gift would be his ability, and willingness, to engage those who refuse to hear the truth. I personally can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us. (Lem Peters -Life Coach)

Pastor Vinnie MacIsaac is the “real deal.” He’s not afraid to get down in the trenches with you, but it’s to bid you to “Look, full face, to Jesus.” He doesn’t spout Christian clichés at you, recognizes the journey is not always a smooth one. But he will not allow you to wallow in self-pity. He has remained true to his calling, when God told him, “Give my people My Word.” That’s what he does. But, fair warning: You will find yourself reading, nodding in agreement, thinking, “That was nice.” But be prepared to walk away and 24 hrs later, bits and pieces start coming together; “OH!” Then, an “OUCH!” His messages are never as smooth and as simple as it seems on the surface. Like a treasure hunt–or an ICEBERG– you need to dive deeper to get the full meaning. (Vicki DiNitto – Musician, previous church member)

“I firmly believe that God places people in our lives at times when we need them, and one such person placed in my life is Vinnie MacIsaac.  He has taught me more about the Bible than any person I know, and even when we have theological differences I can never question his sincerity and knowledge in the Holy word from Genesis through Revelation. Through ups and downs, he has been like a brother to me and I’m proud to call him a friend and a mentor.”   (Darrell Ellis – Creston, Iowa, I.T. guy by day, world’s biggest Superman fan by night). 

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