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This section is not exhaustive but rather is what I might consider essential. The problem with the word essential is I always want to add to it because there are so many good books that are worthy of being added in, however, the list would never end if everything worthy was included.  I am posting books that  I think you may want to read as a part of being a well-rounded reader. 

They may not be by people who you are of a shared view with but they are worthy of your consideration regardless of full agreement. I am also not endorsing these authors as a whole, I am simply saying there are perspectives, agreed with or not, that brings clarity to the thoughtful thinker. Part of the fun of reading is in connecting to classic writers as well as discovering new ones, weighing arguments, and critically thinking with brilliant minds. 


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My Friends on the Web:

In this section, I will post blogs, authors, and friends who produce reading material that I think it worthy of my readers time.

If you think your blog is worthy use the contact link below and let me know.



Pastor Edwin’s blog focuses on urban church and young adults.

Pastor Edwin’s blog is about everything church planting in the context of cities, diversity, and young adults.

With most of the population now in urban settings and with Millennials and GenZ being our most needed target audience I cannot recommend Pastor Edwin’s blog and Facebook community more! This is a fresh must follow cutting edge direction!

Expect tough and thought-provoking questions, designed to make you re-think church, like; Could it be that we love our church more than we love Jesus’ church?  Do we even dare to think that it may be even bigger than our denomination? If perfect theological understanding would be required to be part of God’s Kingdom, wouldn’t the disciples have been disqualified to announce the Good News, heal the sick, and cast out demons? Prepare to be empowered!

Check him out at both these venues:       


ReligiousLiberty.TV is a member of Founders First Freedom, a non-profit organization that exists to foster, uphold, educate and promote the principles of religious liberty. –Michael D. Peabody, Esq. Editor

 ReligiousLiberty.TV, launched in June 2008, is a leading online resource for news, information, commentary, and insights on contemporary issues involving the free exercise and establishment clauses of the United States Constitution. Today’s rapidly evolving Constitutional landscape has led to countless ambiguities and uncertainties in legislation, public policy, and jurisprudence and has provided immediate opportunities for concerned citizens, religious leaders, elected officials, and attorneys to increase knowledge about these issues while ensuring that independent viewpoints are protected.

Rogue Millennials

About Rogue Millennials: We are a team of young adults who do church and ministry together. We blog about topics relevant to young Christians and share the perspectives of young Believers on how they experience and practice the faith. We especially focus on the trends of young Believers to go “rogue” – leaving institutional forms of faith like church businesses and focusing on relational, small-knit community forms of faith like house churches, small groups, work ministries, and even our families. Our focus often includes spotlighting the amazing things God is doing among young people as well as highlighting areas churches could learn, grow, and pursue reform.


Sarah Monzon

Sarah Monzon Writes is the Author’s page of the emerging works of Sarah Monzon. 

Sarah is a successful published Christian fiction author who is well reviewed on my blog section for her novels The Isaac Project, Finders Keepers, and her novella 12 Days Of Snowmen. Sarah’s writing is an engaging mix of ministry and entertaining fiction and a great tool for speaking to young adults about matters of faith.




The Haystack Blog is the blog from

This is a blog of various authors collection thoughts of young adults on issues that matter to young adults. Its focus is on young adults in the Adventist Church. However, it’s material is gripping to those in many walks of faith.




Nelson Fernandez

Nelson’s blog is the blog of Pastor Nelson Fernandez Jr.

Nelson is a pastor in Flordia. He’s doing his DMin in Leadership and, in addition to being a husband and father, he recently became a published author. His debut book is titled,Talking Over Haystacks: 25 Thoughts on Leadership, Ministry, and the Future of Adventism. I have known Pastor Nelson since college, and he has always demonstrated a keen mind, passion for the written word, and a fun risk-taking leadership style. Nelson has become an increasingly proactive voice for young leaders in the church, and his thoughts are worth my readers time.

Matthew Shallenberger

In This Atmosphere it the blog of Pastor Matthew Shallenberger.

Matthew is a pastor in currently in Georgia and is the is a husband and father of two. Matthew, in addition to pastoring, enjoys playing guitar and has a passion for social justice. What I think my readers will admire about Matthew most is how he is fearless in defending moral stances that are often overlooked by many Christians. I’d best describe Matthew as someone who does not just want to be called a Christian but wants to be found being one and advocating that voice in the world.

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