Christ Esteem Not Self Esteem [Working Title]

The Unfairness of the Gospel 
December 30, 2016
Parking The Potty Mouth
January 17, 2017

Christ Esteem Not Self Esteem

A concept in progress

I am accepting inquiries from literally agents and publishers.



Finding the balance between self love and self worship is tricky business!

This book is still merely in the conceptual phase at this point. With over 10 years working as a mental health caseworker and in related fields, I have seen first hand the very real damage of low self-worth. Sadly, I have seen self-image and worth end too many lives and shatter others lives.  The problem is even more complex for Christians because the Bible teaches that we should be meek, lowly, humble and that we ought to esteem others higher than ourselves.  Yet, we often forget that the Bible also teaches that we are the ultimate value of the universe for which the Father gave all the treasure of Heaven to gain! This book will explore that tension and discuss how a believer lives that out in a fallen world.



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