The Unfairness of the Gospel 

The Rise of the “Celeb Pastor”
December 29, 2016
Christ Esteem Not Self Esteem [Working Title]
December 30, 2016

The Unfairness of the Gospel

A book in progress

I am accepting inquiries from literally agents and publishers.



It’s time we start telling the truth about the suffer of Job.

The Unfairness of the Gospel  will be my premier book when it is finished and released.

The provocative title of the book is not just packaging. This book is meant to be real. You won’t find glossy, feel good half truths, and pep talks here. Life hurts, or rather as the book declares, “Life Sucks!” It may not always suck but at times it does and for some it always does. If a believers problems don’t just vanish when a believers puts faith in Christ then what’s the point of it all? What good is a Gospel that has nothing to say to the broken hearted, downcast, and darkened population of the world?

The Unfairness of the Gospel is a thematic journey through the major movements of  the book of Job and Job’s massive claim God has been unfair to him! It is a book packed with contemporary flavor and it is especially written for  cynics, skeptics, and suffers who have not given up seeking or who are willing to seek anew. 



Please enjoy these short snippets of what is to come. [click below]

Excerpts from The Unfairness Of The Gospel [All Rights Reserved]



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