My Top 10 Favorite Holiday TV Lessons!

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My Top 10 Favorite Holiday TV Lessons!

By Vinnie MacIsaac

MY TOP TEN Favorite TV Holiday Moments And What They Can Teach Us About The Meaning Of the Season.

I am a sucker for hitting the holiday classic TV marathons! Come on admit it, there is nothing more fun in this world then Joey with a turkey on his head! Which oddly enough got me thinking about my all-time favorite TV holidays moments and what they can teach us today about good holiday cheer! So here they are… In order, for you to enjoy.

After each clip keeps reading below to find out what they mean to me and how they can teach us the true meaning of the Holidays.

10) It’s a dog’s world

I love this clip because it seems to me so many people are let down and depressed that something went wrong and that they did not get their “perfect” Christmas. This clip is here for a reason; it reminds us that no one’s Christmas is perfect and that things will always go wrong, even when you think you have it all under control. This year enjoy your time with your family and friends and roll with the punches, imperfections, and even disasters that ensue and just be glad we have this time of year to remind us to love one another no matter what crazy event goes down.

9) You can’t out give a hug

Hey, we all have the friend who just can’t take a gift without making it even! They always need to outdo you, or match your gift, it is so annoying and even insulting. It is awkward indeed when giving gets to be about not showing love but rather about measuring your intake versus you outtake when it comes to gifts. This funny and meaningful clip teaches us that you can’t out give a hug. And the most special gifts are not gifts of value but rather thoughtful love. If you are still buying gifts this year remember it is not about how much you spend, but rather how much thought about the person in question you put into the gift.

8) Where did you get that tree?

I love Doctor Who too much not to include a clip from him, plus this clip so cracks me up. Never trust a Christmas tree! The cleverly hidden satirical message here seems to be that we can be taken in by the glittering gold of the holidays. The holidays are more than decorations, making merry, and even the tree! Sometimes they crowd out the real sentiment and need to be put to rest to keep the season true in your heart.

7) I am not the man I was!

Bah Humbug you say? I say anyone can change and that is the overall message of Charles Dickens Christmas Carrol; No one is beyond hope! If you’re not in the mood for Christmas cheer I say to you pick up this book or any one of the host of movie and TV show adaptations. Last year I think I read this book over three times during the season!

6) No man is a failure 

The Holiday’s are not about riches, not about wealth, and not about gifts. In this era of commercialism with Black Fridays infringing on our Thankful Thursday’s let us remember it is all about friendships not wealth. And no one is a failure with friends because they are the greatest gift of all.

5) A Triple dog dare!

Oh, how I love this clip! The moral lesson is simple here. Never to fooled into a sticky dare. Not even a triple dog dare!

4) The heart that grew 3 sizes

Being a Grinch can be fun for you but it robs the joy of others. Open your heart, and let it grow (even three sizes) and you not only will bring joy to others but to yourself as well. Get out of your bitter stoic typecast self and bring jingles and cheers and your heart will ring louder this year!

3) Like sacks of wet cement

Part two… Classic!

This has got to be the funniest clip in the world. This clip is a classic example as to why classic TV is the best TV!  It is so funny, but not only that, but it also tells us good intentions are not enough. Good intentions can end in disaster so keep your head up and don’t make holiday assumptions!

2) Turkey heads and love

And hold on to your Turkey Hats cuz this is a two-parter! The laughs keep coming! Yak! Yak! Yakya…. 🙂

ok, It took two clips to beat WKRP but you have to admit it was worthy of a two-parter! So funny!!!  Yes, Joey is funnier in the turkey head but Monica and Chandler remind us even Turkey’s fall in love. The holidays are about telling and showing each other how much you love them. Make it is your practice to tell people what they mean to you this year.


Number one is a heart-tugging, tear-jerker, all warm and fuzzy…CLASSIC!

1 ) Missing the bus to Warsaw!


Fonzie reminds us that even the most “Coolamundo” among us can be lonely during the holidays. In fact, several reports over the years have shown us that the holidays can be the most depressing time of year for some. [If you or anyone you know is feeling the blues this holiday season reach out and get help: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Call 1-800-273-8255] We all talk about the holidays being about family, but what about those who have no family? Christmas is not just about our family but it is about looking for people to bring into your family and make them apart from your joy. This year look for those around you, who have need to be with you and even if they claim to be ok being alone go the extra mile to include them. Leave no one out of the cheer this year.
And Oh, I almost forgot–50 free classic tv kudos points to anyone who posts in the comment second the correct name of the 6th person (unspeaking role)  at the Cunningham table in the last clip.

Merry Christmas and the Happiest New Year! 

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  1. Darrell Ellis says:

    My theory is that C.C. (I won’t say his name in case anyone else wants a chance at the 50 Kudos Points) died in the Korean War off camera, and why we never saw him again. Awesome blog, love all the clips!

  2. Dulk says:

    I was just getting ready to comment on how awesome this blog was when I realized I already did last year! You invented a time machine and didn’t tell me! lol Great blog my friend. And 50 bonus points to you for the Wonderful Life mention 🙂

    • Hahahaha! The same blog, I just freshened it up, updated the clips where better versions could be found, and updated the images. See despite what they say, you can teach an old Blog new tricks!

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