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Keeping A Float With Noah: Review of 2014 Noah Movie

By Vinnie MacIsaac

Critics loved it. Fans hated it. Click the image to read reviews for yourself.

Noah opened to great box office success but for many Christian’s it is was no success they could support.  To say it is not Biblical is an understatement. It is full of all kinds of folklore, myths, and eclectic tales of the deluge. Believe it or not giant rock monsters who were really fallen angels seeking redemption by building the Ark was the least of my objections. Perhaps most troublesome was the fact the Noah was trying to keep people off the Ark not get them on! The truth is that Biblical or not it was over all a mediocre action movie. It was the kind of movie that high minded critics loved but the average movie goer found it subpar and will not remember much after leaving the show. It promise the sky and gave you the pond.

The Good news is that even while not biblical it is a story the goes out of its way to highlight the following three theological truths that we Christians can celebrate 1) There was a world wide flood 2) God offers Mankind free choice even when we don’t see it. 3) God is a God of forgiveness and second chances. These three points are made loud and clear and should be celebrated by all Christians watching the movie.

But to all those Christians out there complaining, calling for boycotts, and generally getting all up upset I have to ask; What did you expect? This is Hollywood (and I don’t mean that in a derogatory manner) not your church, or pulpit. If you want a solid biblical retelling of Noah go to church and ask you pastor to preach a sermon on it. But if you go see a movie then expect Hollywood to make a movie that sells and fulfills box office standards not Biblical ones. Hollywood is not known for their robust Christian community that is dedicated to the cause of making Church approved movies. Nor does Hollywood owe Christians any kind of faithfulness to their worldview or understanding. They after all are about faithfulness to “profits” not “prophets.”

What bothers me even more then the gnostic folklore and eclectic extra-biblical material in this movie is the overt nonsensical negativity of some Christians. Ugh, must we be known always as the people who hate and disapprove of everything? Sigh, seriously guys, get a grip and be positive for once. You don’t have to agree with the movie to use it as a witnessing tool. Instead of telling people, “Noah is a horrible not Biblical movie don’t go!” why not instead say something like, “Hey did you see Noah? What were your thoughts? If you liked it I have a book I can give you that helps give it some more accurate details, but yeah, I am glad you liked it.”

Rock Monsters of Mythology where among the biggest gripes of Christians watching the movie.

While I wish the film had been more biblical, I am still ever so happy that Millions are rushing into theaters and contemplating the possibility of a Flood vs. Evolution. Can’t we find away to capitalize off that rather than whine?  Keep a float with Noah and use it to share a biblical account of the flood with someone.

PS. If you are a fan of the book “Patriarch and Prophets” by Ellen White be impressed it was likely read and used in the making of the movie. There are three points in the movie from that book 1) pre-flood man was more advanced then we first thought 2) Man were originally vegetarian 3) Adam and Eve were surrounded by robes of light in the Garden until they fell.


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