The Problem With Tabloid Prophecy

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December 22, 2016
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We have better sources of truth then tabloids!

The Problem With Tabloid Prophecy

By Vinnie MacIsaac

It is easy to make a prophetic prediction which states that there will be snow on the ground in the morning if you look outside tonight and see it snowing, but that, by far, does not mean you have divine powers of reason nor insight. During the recent economic crash (2010) I was bombarded by inquiries and even outright declarations that this recession is somehow a part of some massive global strategy to bring about national apostasy here in the United States. The real question I had is where the biblical prophecy for such an accusation is? Is this not just more headline hunting prophecy? Is this not more of the prophetic methodology of the National Inquirer

We have better sources of truth then tabloids!

We need to be “people of the Book” and not people of media overload, speculation, and 24-hour news networks.

The problem with headline hunting and tabloid prophecy are that you could be right or you could be wrong, and we would never know which one is the case until after the fact. But the good news is that as a people we are better than that. We have a clear understanding of prophecy from both the books of Daniel, Revelation and the Spirit of Prophecy. We don’t need to depend on CNN or FOX News to know the future we face (regardless of how much we may agree or disagree with either of them).

Jesus will return. The Bible says it is real.

Recently I responded to an online blog of a trusted friend and fellow theologian who was asking the question, “What role does Islam play in Revelation?” I was ever so encouraged when one of my fellow colleagues correctly pointed out that the whole point of the book of Revelation seems to be more “concerned with the false Christian religion (the compromising Jezebel) than it is with non-Christian religions.”

But even more to the point is why was the question of Islam even raised in the context of the book of Revelation in this blog in the first place? The answer seems simple – we live in a culture now fixated on terrorism, and thus Islam, since 9/11. It is on everyone’s mind. Thus the Bible must have something to say about it. And therein we find the huge mistake so commonly being made today; the Bible does not exist to clarify what is on our mind, the Bible exists to tell us what should be on our mind! Ours is not

Tabloid prophecy is cheap and misleading to millions!

to examine all the problems in the world today and try to find out how they weave into the Bible and prophecy, ours is to know what the Bible says about the prophecy and the true religion of Jesus so that we will see error clearly when it is before us. I am reminded of the age-old illustration for truth and error that our evangelists have used for decades now, “The US Government Federal Currency Agents don’t examine counterfeit money to learn how to identify it in the field, rather they study in a great deal the exact likeness of the real currency so that when they see the false they know it right away.” We likewise must do the same. Thus I call on Christians everywhere to know the Bible, to know their beliefs from the Bible, and to know the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation inside out. I call upon us to be ready as Paul said, “In season, and out of season…” to give an account of our faith.

Jesus said we can know the truth, and the truth will set us free, and He said His word is the truth! We don’t need the National Inquirer, Cable Networks, Hollywood movies of the world, sensationalized headlines, or world trends and fears to tell us the future. We have the sure word of God and can stand up like Daniel of old and say, “There is a God is Heaven who reveals mysteries, and He has made it known…” (Dan 2:27).

One thing is certain: there has never been a time in all history where it was more important to know what we believe and why… How well do you know your faith? How well have you studied it? How well can you defend your faith using the Word, not the world?

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