What If I Told You About My Faith in Politics?

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January 20, 2017
February 3, 2017

What If I Told You About Faith in Politics?

By Vinnie MacIsaac


Counting down to inauguration 2017 I started what turned out to be a rather interesting social media experiment.

If you’re like me you see Christians taking all kinds of political positions on social media and if you are at all like me at times you wonder how does a person of faith get to that position?   Secondly, if you have been on social media for five years or five minutes you likely have faced the scorn of a random outrage from a reasonable question or contrary position on a political issue of even among the most trusted social media “friends.”

My Experiment: I posted for 10 days leading up to inauguration a series of Tweets that I assumed every Christian should (or at least could) agree with.  Of course I was limited by my own perspective and thus I was wrong, there was a lot of push back (mostly on Facebook some twitter). Over time my followers who did not push back but enjoyed them starteed calling them “truth bombs” and I picked up the hashtag #truthbomb. Enjoy:


My Conclusion: People of faith surprised me. People who I thought would push certain ways by in large did not. And disagreements were not at partisan as you would have thought. Maybe we are not that divided after all? Yet, at times I wondered if people really practiced their convictions but that was not really my business to explore. Maybe the best outcome of this experiment was that on several tweets it really got people who disagree to talk.  If you want to comment on any of these you missed do so on Twitter on in my comments section on this blog. I’d love to hear from you or even debate you some. 😉


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